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Tangerine Dream: 50 Years of Phaedra
Tangerine Dream: 50 Years of Phaedra

Electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream have announced a London show celebrating the 50th anniversary of their groundbreaking album ‘Phaedra’, at The Barbican on Monday 7th October 2024.

The Moog and Mellotron-laden masterpiece by the German Prog icons was recorded in Oxfordshire and released by Virgin Records in 1974. It is the group’s fifth album, and their first to feature their trademark sequencer-driven sound which propelled them to both their status as Godfather’s of Prog, and ‘Phaedra’ as one of the most influential recordings in electronic music.

The album will be performed in its entirety by the current line-up of Tangerine Dream, now consisting of Thorsten Quaeschning (since 2005) as musical director, Hoshiko Yamane (since 2011), and Paul Frick (since June 2020). The show will also feature further fan favourites.

Founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese in Berlin, over the last 53 years, Tangerine Dream released more than one hundred albums.

Their early ‘Pink Years’ albums had a pivotal role in the development of Krautrock. Their ‘Virgin Years’ albums helped define what became known as the Berlin School of electronic music.

Although the group released numerous studio and live recordings, a substantial number of their fans were introduced to Tangerine Dream by their film soundtracks, which total over sixty and include ‘Sorcerer’ (William Friedkin), ‘Thief’ (Michael Mann), ‘Risky Business’, ‘The Keep, Firestarter’, ‘Legend’ (Ridley Scott), ‘Near Dark’, ‘Shy People’, and ‘Miracle Mile’. In 2013, Tangerine Dream composed the original score for Rockstar’s best-selling video game Grand Theft Auto V.

Event Dates
Monday, 07 October 2024 at 19:30
The Barbican, London