Senbla Publishing

Senbla Publishing is a new creative and financial operation founded and operated by seasoned music industry professionals including Ollie Rosenblatt (Senbla Live Promotions).

A unique proposition, Senbla Publishing offers an equitable and artist/writer friendly model based on the creation of financial and creative partnerships with catalogue owners, songwriters and artists.

How does it work?

That’s simple. Senbla’s business model centres around participating in an agreed proportion of the income/royalty stream payable to the relevant partner.

In doing so, Senbla aligns itself with the partner, and has a direct interest in ensuring that the income stream in question is not only maintained; but also enhanced.

Unlike a bank, Senbla’s involvement doesn’t stop when money is advanced, and unlike most publishers, Senbla isn’t focused on copyright ownership. It’s therefore what we call, a third way.

What would a typical deal look like?

Again that’s simple. There is no typical deal. Our approach is to conclude specifically tailored arrangements for our partners and is by no means “one size fits all”.

We offer very flexible deal structures so as to suit our partner’s individual, specific needs.  These may be as simple as releasing a lump sum in a tax efficient way in exchange for a proportion of the partner’s existing royalty stream (which would not entail the acquisition of copyright or require any changes to the partner’s existing administration arrangements) to the outright sale and purchase of the partner’s interests at an agreed price and purchase multiple.

What makes Senbla Publishing different from other publishers?

Senbla Publishing is a division of Senbla, a leading independent tour promotions and production business working with artists including Burt Bacharach, Pete Waterman, Nigel Kennedy, Don Black, Ron Sexsmith, Sir Tim Rice, Morcheeba, David Arnold and many others.

Central to our ethos is unlocking the potential of the song and creatively enhancing value whether through arranging collaborations, sourcing synchronisations and brand tie-ins or promoting live events where appropriate.

Senbla provides a bespoke service and we are able to work with existing publishers, artist/writer management and other interested parties.  From instigating relevant audits and dealing with collecting societies to ensure correct accounting, to sourcing creative exploitation opportunities, Senbla is extremely well-placed to ensure that its partners’ financial, commercial and creative needs are satisfied.