Tony Hatch A Life in Song

From pop music to the stage and TV to film, Tony Hatch is a true songwriting legend. Not only has he helped to define popular culture throughout the 60s, penning some of the world’s most loved songs, but he’s also written the music to songs that have become timeless. His theme tunes for television include Crossroads, Emmerdale and Neighbours.

For the stage he wrote the music for ‘The Card’ and ‘Rock Nativity’ and for the world of ‘pop’ he brought us ‘Downtown’, ‘Call Me’, ‘I know a place’,’Joanna’, ‘I couldn’t live without your love’, ‘Colour My World’ and many, many more.

At this concert you’ll get the chance to step into the life and mind of one of this country’s most adored songwriters as he performs on stage with a 40-pice orchestra and guest singers and chats with Michael Grade about his life, his career and the stories behind the songs’

Guest artists include: Rummer, Joe McElderry, Marti Webb, Rhydian, Hohn Owen-Jones and Sophie Evans

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