Of Thee I Sing

The Pulitzer Prize-winning musical Of Thee I Sing makes its concert performance debut.

Written by George and Ira Gershwin, this musical comedy masterpiece features witty songs and catchy melodies.

It’s a tuneful satire on American politics set in the run-up to the presidential election. Candidate John P. Wintergreen and his team are trying to discover what the American people care about most – is the answer love?

Wintergreen’s party stage a pageant to find him a wife. Unfortunately, John falls in love not with the winner, the beautiful Diana Devereaux, but with the sensible Mary Turner…

The show takes on political idealism, corruption and incompetency, and reveals that love can affect not just domestic relations but international ones too…

The score is peppered with sing-along songs including ‘Who Could Ask For Anything More?’ and ‘Of Thee I Sing’.

This musical gem is staged in concert format for the very first time.

Hadely Fraser as John P. Wintergreen                                                       Louise Dearman as Mary Turner
Tom Edden as Alexander Throttlebottom
Hannah Waddingham as Diana Devereaux
Nic Colicos as Matthew Arnold Fulton
Gavin Alex as Sam Jenkins
Peter Polycarpou as French Ambassador
Tony Timberlake as Male Ensemble – Gilhooley
James Barron as Male Ensemble – Senator Robert E. Lyons
Christopher Doyle as Male Ensemble – Jones
Gareth Snook as Male Ensemble – Louis Lippman
Daisy Maywood as Female Ensemble – Miss Benson
Gemma Wardle as Female Ensemble
Helen Power as Female Ensemble

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